Review of the Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14

In terms of value, the iPhone 14 is one of the best iPhones, but it isn’t a massive leap over the iPhone 13. Apple iPhone 14 You can go right with this iPhone when looking for a pocket-friendly flagship with many features and a durable design. Look no further when looking for a pocket-friendly flagship with many features and a durable design. An improved camera system with enhanced low-light performance and a faster and brighter True Depth camera with autofocus make this device a significant upgrade over the previous model. A new Action mode is available on the video front, which allows you to capture highly steady footage Apple iPhone 14. 

You have a solid contender if you add handy safety features like crash detection and an Emergency SOS via satellite. In that case, should you purchase the iPhone 14 or wait for the larger iPhone 14 Plus? Could you better splurge for the more advanced iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max instead?

Apple iPhone 14

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best iPhones and belongs to our list of the best phones ever. You can decide whether the Apple iPhone 14 is a suitable device for you after reading this Apple iPhone 14 review.

Please take a moment to check our Apple iPhone 14 vs Galaxy S22 face-off and iPhone 14 vs Pixel 7 comparison if you’d like to see how the new iPhone stacks up against its rivals—having a hard time deciding if you’re ready to upgrade. Our iPhone 15 rumours page is the best place to find out what the new iPhone has in store.

Apple iPhone 14 review: Release date and price

The iPhone 14 is currently on sale and will be released on September 16, 2012. As a base model, the iPhone 14 costs $799 / £849 / AU$1,399 and has 128GB of storage. A device with 256GB of storage costs $899 / £959 / AU$1,579, or a device with 512GB of storage costs $1,099 / £1,179 / AU$1,899.

Currently, the availability of the standard iPhone 14 is good, but there is expected to be a delay in shipping between the time you order and when you receive it. While there is a high demand for the Pro models, Apple has decided to halt regular iPhone 14 production to produce more Pros to keep up with demand Apple iPhone 14.

Our iPhone 14 deals page will help you find the best deal on the new iPhone 14, and our Apple iPhone 14 delivery date guide will tell you when you can expect to get your phone if you buy it. 

iPhone 14 review: Design and colours

There is nothing fresh about the Apple iPhone 14 design; the iPhone 13 is a carbon copy of its predecessor, complete with the notch.

There is no doubt that the aluminium and glass body is sturdy and relatively attractive – and you still get the tough (removable) Ceramic Shield front and tough glass back, as well as IP68 water resistance. The Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro replaces the notch with a smaller, more interactive cutout for alerts and live updates. You’ll probably be jealous when you see it.

In addition to Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Purple, Red and Yellow, iPhone 14 comes in five different colours. Our test model was a paler blue, attractive cornflower blue shade. On March 7, Apple announced that the iPhone 14 would be available in yellow. 

Although it weighs 6.07 ounces and measures 5.78 x 2.82 x 0.31 inches, the Apple iPhone 14 is a compact, lightweight smartphone. It’s a bit lighter than the iPhone 13’s 6.17 ounces, despite being thinner by 0.30 inches.

There is a controversy surrounding Apple’s decision to remove the SIM card slot from the Apple iPhone 14, replacing it with an eSIM slot instead. In the Settings app, you can add a line of service to your phone, and you can add up to eight lines of service, with two being active at any given time (for example, one for personal use and the other for business use). In the short term, some smaller and international carriers do not currently support eSIM, but the technology is growing in popularityApple iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 review: Display

Despite only minor changes over last year, theApple iPhone 14s 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display still ranks among the best in this price range. The most important feature is the 120Hz refresh rate, which the Galaxy S22 offers, so you don’t get the same super-smooth scrolling or animations in games that support this display.

The iPhone 14’s panel delivered vibrant colours and a wide viewing angle, allowing me to enjoy watching the colourful trailer for Cobra Kai season 5. On the Apple iPhone 14, I could make out water droplets on the petals of a flower when viewing photos, which was a pleasure to view.

Our lab tests found that the iPhone 14 covered 117.4% of the sRGB colour gamut and 83.1% of the more demanding DCI-P3 colour space. On the same tests, the Galaxy S22 reached an average of 110% and 77.9% in Natural mode, while it reached a higher standard of 210.4/149.1% in a Vivid manner. 

It’s no secret that the Galaxy S22 scored better than the iPhone 14 Pro regarding Delta-E accuracy, scoring 0.22 (where 0 is a perfect score).

iPhone 14 review: Cameras

Unlike the iPhone 14 Pro series, the iPhone 14’s primary camera is not upgraded to 48MP. However, in its way, the iPhone 14 does feature a lot of improvements to its cameras. It contains a 12MP wide-angle camera with a larger sensor than the iPhone 13, boasting 1.9-micrometre pixels and a faster aperture of f/1.7 that are faster than iPhone 13. Therefore, your camera’s action shots and low-light performance are expected to be improved as a result.

It is also equipped with a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera rated to capture 4x more detail of a scene and perform 2x better in low-light conditions than the iPhone 14. The TrueDepth camera offers features such as autofocus and a faster aperture of f/1.9 for the first time. To help you capture brighter images across the board, a new feature in Photoshop called Photonic Engine will help you catch more colourful photos.

If you want more comparisons, you can see our iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 camera shootout or check out the photos below.

As shown in this first comparison shot between the iPhone 14 and the Samsung Galaxy S22 featuring Dipladenia flowers, the iPhone 14 can demonstrate its superior camera capability. When you view the petals on the iPhone, not only can you see more details in the petals, but you are also able to see more water droplets.

There is also a clear advantage with the iPhone 14 over the Pixel 6 in this shot of Halloween decorations. In the case of the sunflowers and gnomes, the colours are more vibrant on the iPhone, but on the Pixel, the decorations in the shadowy background are exposed much better than on the iPhone.

The iPhone 14 edges out the Pixel 6 for the ultrawide camera by providing a slightly brighter image with more contrast when you look at a tree with its branches in the water. There is also more of the scene that is visible in this image, though both of them are excellent images.

The iPhone 14 in Night mode takes a much brighter image of the fire pit area than the Pixel 6, even though the iPhone’s image looks artificially lit. Despite this, I like how sharp Google’s shot is and how strong the lights look on the paving stones.

The chip in the iPhone 14 is both new and old simultaneously. There is a slight upgrade in graphics performance thanks to its 5-core GPU since it is the A15 Bionic from last year’s iPhone 13 Pro.

In my testing, the console-like visuals offered by Oceanhorn 2 (an adventure game similar to Zelda) were quite impressive. A dock near the water caught my attention, and I marvelled at the reflection of the undulating light off the ripples in the water.

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